Doku: J. Dilla – Still Shining

Hello everybody.
Für alle Fans von gutem HipHop, für alle JayDee/J. Dilla Fans, anbei vierteilig eine Doku auf YouTube mit dem Titel “Still Shining”:
Hochgeladen am 11.02.2011

Director: Brian “B.Kyle” Atkins / Gifted / /

Part 1: Work Ethic Starts In The Basement / What To Listen For in A Dilla Beat / J.Dilla’s Range As A Producer. The King of Reinvention

This piece was created for his fans as James “J.Dilla” Yancey a way to reflect on the impact and legacy of our musical icon, and reinforce the understanding of why we hold him in such high regard. This stands as a tribute for J.Dilla, and a gift to fans that already understood his presence in music at the time he passed away in February 2006… and those who continue to seek material about him to rejuvenate their support. I trust that this “J.Dilla: Still Shining” remembrance piece will have you gain greater insight, and a richer appreciation of this musical icon. As fans of music, we suffered the loss of a great asset… but J.Dilla continues to shine. – B.Kyle

Kop ***

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